Sunday, January 30, 2011

First post - Life is interesting

So, I'm finally launching this puppy. Been planning and thinking about it for ages. My main challenge is that my life is very interesting, often in the Chinese sense. When life is that interesting, I rarely have time to blog, and when I have time to blog, well, then my life isn't all that interesting.

I believe I have come up with a strategy to handle this feast or famine aspect of my life, and still maintain a blog that will hopefully, be interesting enough for someone besides me to read it. When there's nothing interesting happening in my life, or I don't feel like writing about me, I'll make stuff up. More precisely, I invented a character a while back, Damson Dragon, a half dragon urban fantasy superhero. When nothing is happening worth writing about in Paige's life, or when something very cool occurs to me to happen in DDragon's life, I will blog as DDragon.

At the moment, I have all sorts of interesting things happening in my life. I'm assistant director for a semi-scripted improv play based on old school D&D where the audience becomes the adventurers called EPIC! If you were ever into table-top RPG's, this is going to be awesome.

I just got cute overdosed to the point where a tiny pomeranian fluffball of a puppy will soon become a member of my household. No telling how that will go over with the 3 cats, 1 large dog, and 1 small dragon I already live with, not to mention my husband and son.

I am in the middle of editing/overseeing an awesome anthology of shared world prose superhero stories written by a bunch of friends of mine who happen to be comic book writers (Alan J. Porter, Rick Klaw, Bill Williams, Paul Benjamin, Dave Justus), fantasy and sci fi writers (me, Julie Kenner), and tabletop and video game writers (Beth Loubet, Michael Nystul), not to mention a real life superhero and supervillain (Jarrett "The Defuser" Crippen, and Alex "Lord Vile" Gray)with some illustrations by folks like Denis Loubet and Jeff and Manda Dee, legends in the gaming industry, plus a few talented newcomers. Shopping for a good publisher, by the way, so let me know if you've got a lead there. No rush because it's only about 2/3rds finished, but I'd love to have a publisher lined up by the time it's ready to print.

My day job has been eating way too much of my life, and is largely responsible for the interesting in the Chinese sense aspects. I will attempt to avoid ranting about it, but be warned, it could happen.

This coming weekend, Sat, Feb 5, a feast of awesomeness will commence in support of EPIC! It will be held in the Kinnington House here in Round Rock, TX, and there will be good food, an RPG dungeon run by Michael Nystul (the guy Nystul's Magic Aura was named after. Geek points if you know what that is.) There will be fortune tellers and jugglers and entertainment of all types with no entrance fee, but a donation of your choice to support the troupe would be graciously accepted.

There's also a rumor that I will be belly-dancing. I'm not confirming anything, but bring dollar bills, just in case. ;-)