Sunday, June 17, 2012


Watched 3 movies in a row Saturday, and snuggled a whole lot with my baby. We were overdue. I started my new job Monday, and got on a plane to California for a Hadoop conference the next day. Just got back Friday night midnight-ish. My brain was darn near exploding from all the big data technology and market information I crammed into it over that week.

I did get a few hours to enjoy the beach and a nice seaside seafood dinner, thanks to having a ridiculously awesome boss.

So, watched 3 movies in a single day, something I've never done before.


Prometheus - Scary! A lot like the original Alien. But, I have to agree with all the murky plot comments. It made very little sense, but I was too busy squeezing Joe's arm in time honored date at a scary movie fashion to care.

Dark Shadows - Fun romp in time honored Johnny Depp, Tim Burton fashion - dark, weird, twisted and kind of cool. Enjoyed it, but wouldn't rush back to see it again.

Battleship - Wow. I had heard this was not great. Who the heck was rating this thing? This movie was brilliant! It reminded me a lot of Independence Day. It had a lot of that awesome ID4 style action, humor, and kick the bad guys in the teeth coolness. It also, surprisingly, had intriguing aliens who were not either space squids or humans in alien suits, nor were they cardboard cutout evil. They didn't do unnecessary harm or violence, only what was necessary to win military objectives, and they only fired when first fired upon. I found them reasonably okay for suspension of disbelief, although I found their ships a bit implausible.

I finished a couple of Damson Dragon posts today, that I started while driving back from North Carolina, and worked on while flying to California. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with D Dragon posts now that I'm not flying on a regular basis. It's my best writing time.

Watching a marathon session of Drop Dead Diva, now while doing some housework. Never saw this show when it was on the air. Really good television. Glad I got to watch it.