Thursday, August 29, 2013

WorldCon Schedule Watch Out Lone Star Con Here I Come

I'm in the car headed to World Science Fiction convention in San Antonio, aka Lone Star Con 3. Figured I'd lay out my schedule for anyone who's interested:

Thursday 6-7 PM - Panel - Organizing Your Costuming

Putting me on this panel is a bit like putting pigpen on a panel on daily cleanliness. There's an old saying, "If you can't be a shining example, be a horrible warning." I think that's my job on this panel.

Friday 5-6 PM - Panel - DC's New 52: Brilliance or Disastrous?

On this panel, I get to demonstrate my spectacular ignorance of modern comics in front of some really awesome comic book writers and artists. Whee.

Friday 10 - 11 PM - Panel - Writing Erotica

Yes, they really have panels scheduled this late. And yes, I know more than a little bit about this subject. Paige E. Roberts on Amazon. Look me up if you're into the really wild stuff.  I've got a story in the lastest Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction, in fact.

Sat 10-11 AM - Autographing

This is where I sit next to my friend Patrice Sarath and some other awesome authors and chat with them while folks ask for their autographs.

Sat 5-6 PM - Panel - Chiropractor please!

This looks like a fun one. I get to pose some guys, including Protectors writer Paul Benjamin, in weird poses, to simulate the really stupid positions women get placed in for cover art. Apparently, I'm on this panel because I belly dance. I'm not sure how that makes me qualified to force other people's bodies into weird positions, but hey, I'm not sure anyone else is MORE qualified, so no complaints.

Sunday 10 - 11 AM - Panel - Big Data. Check. Next Stop: Big Brother?

So, after partying into the wee hours of Sat night, I will get up and be insightful on big data, privacy rights and analytics in the modern world. Or, maybe I'll just listen to David Brin. I already did a whole post on this one, so read that.

Sunday 11 - 12 AM - Panel - Body Shaping and Support

At last, a costuming panel that I will have something useful to contribute to. Corsets, wings, bent leg stilts, arm extensions, animatronic limbs, giant spider or snake bodies that move. Yup. This stuff I know. After 25 years of spook house acting and managing, I should. Crap, I've been scaring the pee out of people for a quarter century!! Now I feel old.

Sunday 4 - 5 PM - Panel - Who's working on gay issues in SF/F?

I have no idea, but somebody bloody well should be. Don't get me started on Orson Scott Card. Hot button. I've lost beloved friends and family members to the consequences of intolerance, and now I have a child making her way in a world that still can't stay out of her love life. If we who imagine the future can't imagine one free of that intolerance, how will anyone ever make it happen?

Sunday morning looks like it's going to be a time for serious thought, and reflection in an otherwise fairly fun and fluffy event.

Sunday 5-6 PM - Panel - First contact without a universal translator

Really looking forward to it. I've got a background in biology, communication sciences, linguistics, and language analysis. Should make for an interesting discussion. If we can't talk to dolphins, how can we hope to speak to a creature that's just as alien, but doesn't even share our ecosystem?

Sunday night is the Hugos!!  I packed my Marilyn Monroe 50's style dress. Lots of Dr Who nominations. Hope someone from Who shows up to accept. Would love to meet Moffat.

Monday 10-11 AM - Panel - Comic Book Movies: from the page to the screen

This should just be some rolicking good fun, and might result in a small amount of bloodshed. Friends on the panel: Jayme Blaschke and Mark Finn who plans to write me a story for the next Protectors anthology.

Monday 1-2 PM - Panel - FIlms and TV shows related to Grimm's fairy tails

This is my chance to geek out and be a total Grimm fangirl. Love that show. Oh, and I'm moderating the panel, so have to come up with something insightful to ask folks, I suppose.

Monday 2-3 PM - Panel - Costuming and social media

I'm moderating this one,too. I know a fair bit about costuming, and a fair bit about social media, but pretty much nill about the intersection of the two. So, yeah. Should be interesting.

That's it. I've written all this on the drive from Austin to San Antonio on my ipadand we're almost there! See ya at the con.