Monday, September 26, 2011

Training wheels

So, I'm driving along with my husband and we see an older biker in leathers driving an interesting vehicle. Looks like a cool trike at first, and my husband, Joe, said something like, "Hmm, I wouldn't mind having a trike like that, except that's not a trike. It's strange. It has four wheels, one in the back. It's some sort of ..."

Me, "It's a motorcyle, with training wheels."  Giggle. Laugh.

Joe, "Don't laugh at the biker, honey." (In the same tone of voice one would say, "It's not nice to laugh at the handicapped, honey.")

Me: Laugh so loud the biker couldn't possibly avoid hearing me, not to mention anyone else in a 2 block raidus.

I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

Motorcycle with training wheels. Heh.


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