Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ilona Andrews Silver Shark Review

Happy New Year!

I've got a little something up on line as of today on Ilona Andrews is a marvelous fantasy writer. She's started a new series of e-book science fiction romance novellas called the Kinsmen series. Since most of the folks who review her stuff are fantasy fans, she was having difficulty finding someone to review the second book in the series, Silver Shark.

I volunteered, did the review, and the folks at where I used to do reviews put it up today in their January issue. is a great place to find reviews on the best new sci fi, fantasy, and paranormal romance books. If you're wondering where to find something good to read, that's the place to check.

Check out the review here:
Review of Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews on

There's a link right on the page to download the book.



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